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next year might be different

by obvious creature

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written and recorded mostly in the second half of 2018 using a macbook, an octatrack, an analog 4, a nord stage 2, ben's juno 106, a volca fm, a bunch of pocket operators, an old audiotechnica microphone, an iphone 5, an acoustic guitar, that weird old organ my parents bought for me, a mandolin, a gold egg shaker, seans old fender strat, dan's old microkorg, reason 10 and a bunch of random sounds i recorded with my portable mic thingy.


released May 31, 2019

written and performed by pete sanderson.
extra guitars on track 2+3 by adam williams.
mixed by pete sanderson.
mastered by tim butler.
artwork by elyse sanderson.
thanks to everyone who has to put up with my shit.
a creature collective release.




Obvious Creature NSW, Australia

i live in australia. i make music.

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Track Name: scared
come july
how'd it happen?
take your time
see what's out there
for a while
look inside
pretend to like it
and all you need
is all you need
tell a lie
keep up from downstream
stay inside
hope for a landslide
and find some meaning

now you're scared there's something out there
coming for you.
Track Name: anything
as you find yourself
scrolling through time
floating softly on
pieces of better lives
play a song for yourself
keep it inside
write below
how much you wanna die
i thought
i could break out
i thought
if i could just try harder i
could be anything at all.
Track Name: hollow
frozen still
with your sleeves rolled back
take on
when you feel left out
holding still
a stone in your heart

so long
with your hand on my back
will you let light in?
thin ice
on a hollow frame
lift you up
i'm falling like rain

how deep are your lies
will my teeth fall out
i have no doubt
speak too soon
i'm fleeing again

so long
this place that we know
did it feel so long
cold grip
and your favourite song
we came so close
but i'm not coming back.
Track Name: untied
floating down the creek
lying about
where your disposition hides
(maybe i'll float away this time)
hold fast as the notion takes your eye
(will this one be who you'd rather be?)
took a turn just to fuck you out and thought
of all the places you'd rather be
(it helps to close your eyes)
woke up with your hands untied and thought
i hope my wits don't fail me now
(for once she'd like to know)
just for once she's like to know.
Track Name: drown
lay down
breathe out
breathe in
don't lean on me
i'll only let you down
take up my place
while i'm fading away
when will we see
how much this could take
when will you know
you are all there is

but we all fell down
tumbled in and drowned
tangled up and bound
while we all wait around

(you had it all
what good is all
we had it all
and still we fall)

we all fell down
tumbled in and drowned
tangled up and bound
Track Name: perfect
deep treading water
in cortisol, wine
make a note of my failures
to help pass the time
wait 2 more weeks
and i'll be alright
i might put my head under now
if you don't mind

take a picture of
all of the things that i own
starving myself
til i look good in my clothes
pretend long enough
and i'll fall asleep
pretend long enough
will i get what i need

a mark on my calendar
broke by design
push it away until
some other time
come up for air
lift my head off the floor
i swear i'll be perfect
from here ever more
Track Name: hope
i hope no-one ever treats you
the way you treat yourself
i hope no-one ever sees you
the way you see yourself
i hope no-one every speaks to you
the way you speak to yourself
i hope no-one ever treats you
the way you treat yourself
Track Name: everything
all alone
where you can see your real self
when you see someone else
change your mind
from looking out the window
change your name
every time the wind blows

but everything
isn't anything
leave yourself
go on
isn't anything

soon enough
but long enough that you forgot
keeping up
matters less when you are gone
if you made it in
you're halfway to the real thing
read about
the things that you can't live without

i just can't fight it off anymore.

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