sleep tight. it's hours after midnight. you see the world in black and white. so you fill yourself with parasites. is that the way you want to live? it isn't all you think it is. you're not moving up you're breaking down ever sice you came to this town.

don't know what got you so excited about the idea of a new life. I know you've got a different story to the one you told me last night.

you're the one that keeps it calm. you're the needle in your arm. you're the one that broke your heart. you're the one who's falling apart.

don't know what got you so excited about this idea in the first place because now they've broken all their promises and they're laughing in your face.


from we don't have to be afraid anymore, released January 30, 2016
all vocals and instruments by obvious creature.




Obvious Creature NSW, Australia

i live in australia. i make music.

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